Spirit Valley Days Continues

Parade Continues In Bad Weather

Rain or shine the celebration in West Duluth still continues to go on. Tonight bands hit the stage but the parade is what brought the people out.

Mother Nature was not going to rain on the 35th addition of the parade. West Duluth citizens still showed up even with the in climate weather we were experiencing today. We talk to one west Duluth couple that said they wouldn’t miss this event even if old man winter was in town.

“It could be 40 below and they could have it down here in the winter and we’d probably still be here. It rained one year, he wanted to go home, and I wanted to stay. Well we made up for it now, complete rain suits.” Al and Mary Palusky, West Duluth Residents.

We are now on day 2 of a 5 day period where the West Duluth neighborhood is being celebrated. One organizer says that he’d expect a good turn out with the rain because that just how West Duluth residents are.

“You can’t dampen the spirits of the folks in West Duluth. So it’s been very good, it did clear up. It was looking bleak there but this is a good day for a parade. It’s always a good day for a parade,” Buck Erpestad, Organizer.

The festivities continue through Sunday. While down at the main stage you can find vendors with lots of food and fun for the whole family.

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