Walking For Epilepsy

Park Point Hosted Hundreds For A Walk In Supports

Duluth, Minn.

The epilepsy foundation of Minnesota hosted their annual Rise Above Seizures Walk this afternoon.

The nasty weather didn’t stop hundreds from showing up in support of the cause. The walk is to raise awareness for the 225,000 Minnesotan’s with epilepsy.

We talked to two of those who suffer from the seizers who say they appreciate the support for all those that came out in support.

“It really speaks volumes about how important this is to people that people will show up rain or shine. We’re in this together and it just makes my heart so happy to see people here together for a common reason.” Lisa Peterson, Regional Coordinator for Epilepsy.

“They all get together and they come out here and put their jackets on and bundle up and walk together with us. Because there is a cure out there for someone someday,” Jessica Pandora, Participant.

Including Duluth five total communities in the upper mid-west held their walks today with a total of over 35 hundred walkers.

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