Duluthians Meet with Students from Sister City in Japan

It's Part of a 2 Year Student Exchange Program

DULUTH, Minnl.- It was a reunion for Hinano Kurokawa of Ohara and Emma Stottleman of Duluth.

Emma visited Ohara Isumi city in Chiba Japan last year, where she stayed with Hinano’s family. Now, Emma’s and other families in Duluth have the opportunity to host students from Duluth’s sister city for a few days.

“Their hospitality was incredible and they were thrilled to have us, and I was just like, ‘I can’t wait to give this back to you,'” says Emma.

“Last year Duluthians came to Japan, so this year, students from Ohara Jr. high School are here,” says Hinano.

It’s part of a 2 year exchange program. Duluth students traveled to Japan for a few days the first year, and this year, students from Japan had the chance to visit the Northland.

The goal of the program is to teach people in both countries about the other through human to human interaction, and many involved believe the program is helping do just that.

“My student brought things from Japan and she’s like showing us like tempura, she’s cooking us tempura one night. So they bring things here we wouldn’t be able to experience any other way,” says Emma.

The Japanese Students and their host families exchanged gifts from their own cultures at the picnic.

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