Studies Show ‘Babies Need Boxes’

Studies Show Finland has one of the Lowest Infant Mortality Rates in the World

DULUTH, Minn. – For year, babies have been falling asleep in boxes. Closer to home, one Minnesota mother caught onto the trend back in 2015.

Since then, proper education of the practice has been spread to various communities across the country.

“I think it would have been fantastic,” said Lori Sawnson, St. Luke’s Birthing Center Nurse Manager.

Helpful hands, for newborn parents. It’s something every mommy and daddy would do anything for.

“We formed an instant connection and worked on a partnership to provide every mom at St. Luke’s with a baby box,” said Swanson.

For the Staff at St. Luke’s Birthing Center in Duluth, they’re giving birth to a new idea, adopted from the country of Finland.

“There’s been growing momentum behind it,” said Swanson.

“Let’s start with the history. For more than 75 years, Finland’s expectant mothers have been given a baby box by the government that serves as a
starter kit for their baby,” said Amanda Lindquist with Babies Need Boxes.

Now, the Northland chapter of Babies Need Boxes is looking to make a difference for Northland families.

“The patients go through and learn about safety of using the baby box, what a safe sleep environment looks like,” said Swanson.

“The parents are then required to watch a short video on the safety and the use of the box,” said Jennifer Hill, Nurse at St. Luke’s Birthing Center.

The boxes are built by hardworking volunteers.

“This group is trying to carry the tradition forward in the Northland,” said Swanson.

Caring, with cardboard; stuffed with everyday needs.

“There are items that people can use to help take care of their baby,” said Swanson. “Sometimes there’s diapers, wipes.”

Products for parents as they bring a new life into their home.

“They love them,” said Hill. “Patients can take them from room to room and put them wherever they’re needed.”

A cost free gift, given to parents with protection in mind.

“This is an opportunity to provide them with a safe sleep environment,” said Swanson.

Studies show Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.

The boxes do meet all requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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