Carlton Residents Vote “No” On Referendum

CARLTON, Minn.- Carlton residents casted votes in a special election Tuesday.

They voted “No” 1202 to 475 “Yes” votes not to approve the issuance of $23.6 million dollars in bonds to construct a grades 6-12 addition at the South Terrance site and make improvements to the existing building.

By 11 a.m. Tuesday morning close to 300 people had turned out to vote, with many more having sent in absentee ballots. The questions on the ballot involve renovating South Terrace Elementary School, building a new high school, and making improvements for both schools.

“This has generated a lot of conversation and discussion in the community, there is a group of people who are very supportive and see it as an important future for Carlton schools, there’s also people in our community that feel it is not a good choice, either the tax was too high or we need to look at other alternatives,” said Gwen Carman, the Superintendent of Carlton Public Schools.

The polls closed Tuesday at 8PM.

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