Victim’s Family Statisfied with Katzmark Sentence

Theresa Katzmark was Sentenced to 48 Months Thursday

DULUTH, Minn. – Theresa Katzmark was sentenced to 48 months in prison Thursday for criminal vehicular homicide in Donna Estrem’s death last April.

6th Judicial District Judge Shaun Floreke admitted he struggled with the decision to send Katzmark to prision but in the end, prison was Floerke’s only choice.

“I’m not here to say you are a bad person, I’m here to judge what you did, and what the result was,” said Floerke. “we’ve got a mom who kills a mom, we’ve got a caregiver who kills a caregiver.”

Katzmark rammed Estrem into a utility box with her car April 4th in front of the Ecumen Lakeshore Apartments on London Rd. in Duluth. Estrem had just started working at Ecumen and went to check on Katzmark after witnessing Katzmark crash her car.

The sentence satisfied Estrem’s close friend Vickie Milinkovich who also had sympathy for Katzmark’s family.

“There are no winners today, none whatsoever and I want everyone to know that,” said Milinkovich. “I think Judge Floerke’s recommendation for prison was the correct one.”

Katzmark admitted to taking the sleep aid Ambien before getting behind the wheel that day. Wiping away tears, Katzmark showed remorse for killing Estrem.

“I am so sorry, and if I could trade places I would in a second,” said Katzmark, addressingthe court. “I think about Miss Estrem every single day and I know this is something I will think about for the rest of my life.”

Meanwhile, Milinkovich, who says she talks to Estrem everyday had a message for her friend.

“Donna, the lady is going to pay for what she did to you,” said Milinkovich. “Don’t leave us, because we a 32 months of her sentence in prison and the other 16 months on parole.

Estrem’s son Enrique Giner told FOX 21 after the hearing that he wanted a longer sentence, but was satisified Katzmark was going to prison.

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