Children Enjoy St. Louis County Fair

There Were Animals, Games, and Rides for Families to Enjoy

Drew and Bryce Aune smiled as they reached out to pet a donkey inside a barn at the St. Louis County fair.

It was children’s day at the county fair, that has been going on for 133 years.

“There’s rides and animals that we get to see and pet,” said Drew.

The boys were there with their mom Nikki Aune who thought the fair was a good opportunity for her family to spend some quality time together.

“I love spending time with my boys, and I was off today and just nice day and we wanted to come,” said Nikki.

The fair had fun activities, rides and food, but one of the biggest attractions there were the farm animals.  The animals aren’t just cute and fun to pet. Ray Erspamer, one of the organizers says the horses, goats and cows at the fair play an important role in educating the people who attend the fair, And helps give the people an appreciation of where their food comes from.

“If you go in to Duluth and ask many of them where milk comes from, and I believe a lot of them won’t know cows. Here they get to see feel and watch other children with animals, and adults, with all the different animals, and learn where their agricultural roots are from,” said Erspamer.


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