Heavy Rains Likely Tomorrow Night

A developing storm system is taking aim at the Northland over the next 36 hours. We are already seeing an influence of it with a few light rain showers moving into our western counties this Tuesday evening from Koochiching down to Aitkin, but the main event is yet to arrive.

Two level of low pressure to our west are passing moving to the east and northeast towards the Northland. The low pressure in the Central Plains will intensify as it moves into the Upper Midwest in the next 24 hours. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop by the late morning and continue to remain scattered through the rest of the day.

The heaviest rainfall will hold off until later in the evening after 9 PM where a piece of upper level energy will intensify the coverage and precipitation rate of the showers and thunderstorms. The heaviest rainfall will be ongoing while most of us are sleeping. The low pressure will then pass south of the Northland through Central Wisconsin and eventually into Michigan.

By Thursday afternoon, the showers will be coming to an end form west to east. Rainfall amounts are expected to be high due to the above average amount of moisture that will be available in the atmosphere. Rainfall amounts could be as high as 1 to 3 inches with some isolated amounts near 4 inches.

Because of the amount of rainfall, the Weather Prediction Center has the majority of the viewing area under a slight risk of excessive rainfall that would result in flooding in the area.

-Meteorologist Gino Recchia

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