Gloria Dei Moving Forward With Plans to Rebuild

The Goal is to be Back by End of 2018

DULUTH, Minn.- Members of the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church have voted to move forward with an architectural plan for the Church building and the budget that goes with that.

Church representatives are hoping they can start demolishing the interior like the floors and walls in September, so the rebuilding process can begin. The goal of the church is to be able to start worshipping in the building by Christmas of 2018.

“It’s excited that we’re getting to that point, we would have liked to have gotten to this point much much earlier, but these things take time, we want to do it right, and we want it done right for the next 150 years of the congregations life,” said Brett Amundson, the President of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.

The construction will take an estimated 9 to 12 months, and will cost around 6 million dollars.

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