Super Big Block Party Hits the Streets of Duluth

The Event is Back for a 3rd Year in a Row

DULUTH, Minn.- Hundreds of people danced and sang to celebrate the Super Big Block Party. It’s the 3rd year of the event, where people can enjoy food, live music and drinks outside on the street in front of the Red Herring Lounge.

“Everybody that I never get to hang out with is going to come, so it’s like, let’s all hang out together and listen to good music and eat good food and apparently watch skateboarding,” said Leah Beltz, who was attending the event.

Organizers say the idea of the super big block party is to bring what happens inside of the Red Herring out on to the street, and in a city like Duluth where people enjoy supporting local businesses, artists, and spending time outdoors, it’s no surprise that the event is popular, drawing more than 1000 people to it each year.

“We just want to take what we’re doing at the red herring and blow it up, or expand upon it I guess,” said Bob Monahan, Owner of the Red Herring.


And with the clear skies and warm weather, it’s not looking any different this time around.

“Yeah we’re outside, it happens to be a beautiful day, it’s not raining for once which is nice,” said Beltz.


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