$3,300 Camera Equipment Stolen From Canal Park

Young Photographer Hopes Case Will Be Solved

There is a reason photography along Lake Superior and the North Shore is so popular, the Northland makes for great pictures.

One man who was trying to capture that beauty, and share it with others has run into a serious problem, and is asking for the public’s help.

It’s a labor of love for Dan Coquyt, the UMD Medical School Student often braves the chilly lake waters to capture the perfect shot with his camera.

“I like to get in the water to take the pictures, people always ask ‘how did you do that?’” said Coquyt.

He’s down in Canal Park often, dodging the waves, fishing for that rare chance to capture something special.

“The handful that turn out good, that’s really the excitement and the motivating thing of my life,” said Coquyt.

He spent eight years building his toolkit with the perfect camera and lenses.

“I spent the money from senior pictures, turned it around and invested it into upgrading my camera equipment,” said Coquyt.

A few weeks ago that equipment was stolen out of his car while it was parked near Caribou Coffee in Duluth.

“I’m mostly just in shock, I think that’s any photographer’s worst nightmare,” said Coquyt. “I noticed the left side of my door was scraped up a little, it looked like someone pried the door open.”

In all, $3,300 worth of equipment was stolen including: (1) a Canon 7D + 4 lenses (2) a Sony DSLR + lens (3) a GoPro Hero4, and (4) waterproof camera housing, and several memory cards.

For now he’s using his mother’s camera but says it would be a blessing to get his old gear back.

“As long as I found it and knew I was getting it back that would make me happy,” said Coquyt.

Friends and family have set up a fundraiser for Dan to buy a new camera in the meantime more information is available here.

If you have any information about the theft, you are urged to call Duluth Police.

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