Active Shooter Response Exercise Held in Superior

Douglas County Sheriff's Department Partnered with Local Fire Departments to Complete Training

SUPERIOR, Wis. – Douglas County first responders held a training exercise Tuesday in Superior.

The training is designed to help prepare agencies if there was ever an active shooter at a school.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department teamed up with the Town of Superior and the Town of Oakland fire departments for an active shooter training exercise at Four Corners Elementary School.

This was the first time the Douglas County Special Response Team has trained hand in hand with local fire departments, who would provide emergency medical services in an active shooter situation.

“We’ve got to work together so we can come through a school environment and fluidly move and take care of victims and take care of a suspect if we needed to as one team versus two different entities,” said Deputy Ed Gallagher of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department.

The training also helped first responders become familiar with an elementary school setting and gave them experience working with school district leaders.

Should there be a situation that arises here in the building that they’re able to come into the building, we don’t have to spend time with them orienting themselves to the layout, they already know it,” said Four Corners Elementary Principal, Kim O’Donnell. “They can assess the situation very quickly.”

Sheriff’s Department officials tell us they hope more joint training with fire departments will happen in the future.

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