New Brighter Lights For Lakewalk

LED Lights To Replace Older Lights

DULUTH, Minn. –┬áNorthlanders who use the Lakewalk in Canal Park will soon see a brighter change.

The city will replace the entire Lakewalk trail lighting with new and brighter L.E.D. light bulbs.

Areas from the Endion Station to Leif Erickson Park will have narrowed lanes during the project. The work is expected take up to two weeks to complete, weather permitting

Monday, we talked to some Lakewalk regulars, who said they think this is a good move for the area

“My mom is visually impaired, so if I was going on a walk down here with her it would be a little bit easier,” said Joseph Vong, Lakewalk Runner.

“It’s hard to see other people when I’m running especially to see other people coming or behind me.” said Katrina Chapman, Lakewalk Runner

“Yeah I think that it would be safer for everybody involved,” said George Ham, Duluth Resident.

Starting Monday, you will see crews working on site starting after 4 p.m. until sun down. Duluth Parks and Recreation encourages users to use caution in the area where work is being doing.

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