Duluth City Council Candidates Talk Transportation

Zeitgeist Host Event For The Public

DULUTH, Minn. –

Duluth City Council candidates hit the stage Wednesday to answer questions about improving transportation equity in the city.

The forum held at Zeitgeist was organized by local nonprofits and research groups who say, transportation is a vital necessity to be able to access employment and income, education and grocery services among other daily needs.

But those necessities can be tough to get to for people who can only walk and bike, or people who have disabilities like sight or hearing impairment.

“When you think about addressing certain groups, whether it is addressing racial inequity, ability inequity whatever it might be. You need to think about how this affects all people,” said Rich Updegrove, who’s running for Duluth City Council.

Joel Sipress, who’s running for re–election on the City Council, says that over the past 70 years we as a country have become a car-dependent culture.

“It is woven into the very fabric of the physical design of our city and I just don’t mean the design of our streets. I just don’t mean the underfunding of public transportation. It’s all the way down to how we use land,” said Sipress.

People who attended were also able to register to vote in the upcoming election in November.

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