Minnesota State Fair Welcomes Thousands of Eager Fairgoers on Opening Day

The Great Minnesota Get-Together Will Run Through Monday, September 4

FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn – The time has finally come, the Great Minnesota Get-Together kicked off Thursday morning in Falcon Heights.

Thousands of people lined up at the gates before six o’clock rolled around.

Hundreds made final arrangements, setting up exhibits, heating up deep friers and lacing up those dancing shoes.

“We just really have a good time dancing,” said Cindy Gardner, Director of Rhythm and Swing.

From dancing to dipping sauces, tens of thousands traveled to be together, kicking off the 140th year of the Minnesota State Fair.

“It’s pretty impressive how excited people get about it,” said Hunter Miller, Pronto Pup Stand Manager. “We get a surprising amount of people that come to the state fair just for Pronto Pups!”

Miller is spending his fifth summer sizzling Pups alongside his parents.

Down the block, the Polster family have their eyes on a different prize.

“Umm, the cookies,” remarked fairgoer Addison Polster.

“The chocolate melts on my fingers,” said Addison’s sister Alexis.

Sara Polster says a trip to the Minnesota State Fair is a family tradition. She has been making way to the fair since she was a little girl.

Driving six hours to get to the fairgrounds as a child, Polster now knows the importance of crossing through the gates of fun.

“We’ve been taking our kids since they were born. Addison was only a month old when we first took her,” said Polster.

For fairgoer Ricky Barber, fun will come in a different form.

“I’m feeling really good, lots of high hopes about it and a lot of good food to try out this year,” said Barber. “I’m going to be working this year at Saddlers and Cowboy Hats and Cowboy Belts.”

Doing business, with the occasional break for breaded goodness.

“I can’t trade cowboy hats and belts for food I don’t think, so I don’t think that’s going to be one of my options,” said Barber.

Less time for food, but for others, potentially more time for dancing.

“It’s all about the connection with each other and the connection to the music and just really having fun,” said Gardner.

Gardner and her group of dancers gather for old fashioned east coast swing dancing in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

“At the end of our performance we invite people to come up and dance with us as well,” said Gardner.

Sharing skills and smiles as millions make memories over the next twelve days.

The Minnesota State Fair will run through September 4.

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