Lowell Elementary Prepares for New School Year

Teachers Prepare Classrooms and Halls for Students

DULUTH, Minn.- The new school year or grades schools is just around the corner, and schools in the Northland are getting ready for students to come pouring through their doors.

Lowell Elementary school in Duluth has 2 language immersion programs, where students learn subjects like math, science and history all in Ojibwe or Spanish. So this year, school staff put up new signage in the school in English, Spanish, and Ojibwe.

“Our hallway behavior expectations, our cafeteria our playground, and our bathroom all have signage this year that will have all three languages on them,” said Jennifer Larva, the Principal of the Elementary School.

The school is holding an open house on Thursday, where students and parents can come meet their teachers, and see their classrooms.


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