Enbridge Pipeline Renovation Will Run Through Superior Golf Course


This fall, the Nemadji Golf Course in Superior will look a little different.

As the city’s Public Works Director Todd Janigo puts it, “A par five will become a par three,” through the autumn.

Enbridge Energy is working on a replacement project for its Line 3 oil pipeline, and part of that project will now run right through the golf course.

“There was a change in method of crossing under the CN Railroad recently, and these changes make it possible for the realignment,” Janigo said. “They’re not going to be boring from the west side of the railroad tracks; they’ll be boring from the east side. So it’s actually on the 13 West fairway that they’ll set their boring equipment up.”

At a special meeting of the Superior Common Council on Monday, the Public Works Department submitted a memorandum

Janigo says the new agreement will relieve the city from having to expend its own resources to restore the part of the golf course that will be upended by the construction project.

“It works way better and way faster for Enbridge to work directly with the golf course, and pay for those restoration costs,” he said.

Because of the new agreement, Enbridge will work directly with the golf course for the restoration once construction is complete.

“It’ll be bored the rest of the way from the golf course,” Janigo said.  “But where they set up that drilling rig will be a mess when they get done.”

In the prior agreement, Enbridge has paid the city of Superior $176,545 in easement costs.

With the new agreement, the city will refund $89,920 back to Enbridge.

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