Northlanders Help with Hurricane Harvey Relief

Organizations Across the Region are Providing Assistance to Those Affected by the Storm

HOUSTON – As Hurricane Harvey relief continues, volunteers from across the country head to Texas to lend a helping hand to people affected by the storm. Some of those volunteers are from right here in the Northland.

From providing assistance to people in shelters to caring for animals left homeless by the storm, Northlanders are finding ways to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey hundreds of miles away.

“Houston is an island,” says David Gearou, a Two Harbors man volunteering with the American Red Cross in Houston. “We cannot get out. We cannot get any people or supplies in unless it’s by helicopter. All the major freeways are underwater still.”

He’s helping as many people as he can displaced by Hurricane Harvey; people who are living in nearly a hundred shelters spread throughout the region.

“We try to make it as homey as we can,” says Gearou. “We have games, puzzles, we have people there, maybe a TV, so the kids can try to do some kind of normalcy.”

Other Northland organizations are also doing what they can to help the affected communities in Texas.

“The best way a person can help right now is with monetary giving, and that is as easy as texting storm to 51555,” says Captain Teri Ellison of the Salvation Army.

Donations help organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army buy food and other resources and help send more volunteers to help.

“I think it gives hope,” says Ellison. “You cannot measure hope. You can measure water, you can measure food, you can anticipate those kinds of needs, but somebody just walking beside you and being there from beginning to end can give you that piece that you don’t have within you.”

Meanwhile, a lot of animals have also been left homeless by the storm, so Northlanders like Tina Marcella are helping those animals find new homes.

“Saturday we’re flying down and we’re going to rent a van Saturday night and hopefully bring as many dogs back as we have foster homes for,” says Marcella, a volunteer with Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue.

All across our region, people lending a helping hand to those in need.

“We can try to help these clients turn their life around a little bit and maybe we’ll see a smile,” says Gearou. “I don’t know. I don’t care. We’re helping them out.”

To donate to the American Red Cross, click here.

To donate to the Salvation Army, click here.

To learn how you can be trained as a Red Cross volunteer, click here.

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