Duluthians Travel to Texas for Animal Rescue

A Group Leaves for Texas Saturday to Rescue Dogs in Overpopulated Shelters in Wake of Hurricane Harvey

DULUTH, Minn. – Hurricane Harvey is taking a devastating toll on millions in Texas. Many are facing life or death situations.

It’s a reality also hitting hard for many furry friends.

Harvey is leaving thousands howling for help. Animals are stuck in Texas shelters looking for a life saver.

“It’s awful, they need help. There are so many dogs that need homes,” said Tina Marcella, Volunteers with Minnesota Pitbull Rescue.

Shelters across the country are filling up after more than 32 inches of rain pours down on parts of Texas.

“Dallas and the Wylie area trying to make room in their shelters so they can take in dogs from the hurricane,” said Marcella. “If the shelters are full in non-flood places, there’s nothing for them to do; the animals are often euthanized.”

For Marcella, it’s her time to take action.

“They have a lot of pit bulls down there; it’s actually an epidemic,” said Marcella.

A problem she’s hoping to tackle with a weekend trip down South. On Saturday, Marcella, her friend Tracie and one of her sons will take flight bound for the hardest hit areas.

The group will rent a van, transporting as many dogs as they can back to Minnesota.

“If Texas shelters are full then dogs get euthanized. It’s a very high kill rate on average, and this is only going to make it worse,” said Marcella.

She says they’ll most likely transport pit bulls back to the state.

“I’ve fostered at least ten pit bulls and I’ve never had one that I wouldn’t trust with my kids,” said Marcella.

Furry friends, finding a second chance at life thanks to Minnesota Pit Bull Rescue.

“Not everyone is great, but most of them deserve a chance,” said Marcella.

Healing after Harvey leaves a wake of disaster.

“We can’t save all of them but we can save one at a time.”

Marcella and her group are looking for pet supplies, kennels, and monetary donations before they leave Saturday.

Contact Tina Marcella at (218) 310-0488 for more information.

Donations can also be dropped off at Passion Fur Pets located at 4867 Miller Trunk Highway in Hermantown, Minnesota.

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