Northlanders Have Family Members Affected By Hurricane Harvey

Mariel Jordan's Mom, Sister and Nephew Live in the Houston Area

DULUTH, Minn. – Many Northlanders have family members living in the Houston area who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

This is Mariel Jordan. Her mom, sister, and nephew all live in the Houston area.

She says her family is dealing with just a little bit of water damage; they’re feeling fortunate about that.

She says her family moved there just after Hurricane Ike and knew from experience that natural disasters can actually bring neighbors together.

“We had just moved in before Ike and it was a great chance to meet our neighbors,” said Jordan. “We did street cookouts. Everybody’s freezer and power was out for two weeks so everything you had you made in the streets and you shared it with your neighbors and it was a good chance to actually get to know your community better.”

Mariel is thankful she was able to check in with family members to make sure they were okay during the storm.

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