Duluth Public Schools Host Open House

Back To School We Go


It’s down to Labor Day weekend to get in those summer activities. The back to school buzz was in the air Wednesday, as several Duluth Public Schools held open houses. Parents along with their kids packed schools across the Northland.

Schedules are passed out back packs are full kids are excited to start the school year.

“Probably going to class and reading and stuff,” says 6th grader, Ashtin Hobbs.

“I want to play basketball and I kind of want to go back to school,” said 8th Grader Malik.

The anticipation for Wednesday has been a long time coming.

“You build up to this day but you actually don’t know the excitement until you emerged in it,” said Beth Scermoen, Piedmont Elementary Principal.

All the summer training logged by teachers will come in handy.

“The district does a lot of training. They offer a lot of opportunities for us to come together and continue learning,” said Scermoen.

Training that will challenge teachers and students to always do their best.

“We just really look in to bringing out the best in kids academically and personally,” said Scermoen.

Everyone is happy to get the year started on the right foot.

“Teachers are happy, families are happy to be back and for me on I’m really happy to have the kids and families back at our Piedmont Elementary building,” said Scermoen.

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