Making Incoming Students Feel Welcome at UWS Move-In Day


It’s that time of year again – move in day at our local universities, and today the University of Wisconsin Superior welcomed droves of new students on campus.

Upperclassmen and campus staff members formed a crew to help new students with everything they need.

Crew members were there to help move all the incoming students’ belongings into the dorms, answer questions, or just make them feel welcome.

“I think homesickness is probably the biggest thing, and the shock of leaving home, the new independence, all that,” said Rachel Bursik, a member of the Move-In Crew who is a former resident advisor on campus.  “So we wanted to welcome them right away so they feel at home here so they don’t feel that homesickness, and get them connected on campus.”

Bursik is now a senior and says being an RA was one of the best things she’s ever done while in college.

She says she definitely remembers her first day on campus.

“I think it’s almost a bittersweet thing,” Bursik said.  “You leave home – you’ve been there so long – now it’s this new excitement of going someplace new, the adventure that kind of is there for you.”

Students lined up near the grill for a welcome barbecue.

It’s just another part of the effort to make them feel at home at a time when homesickness might be at its worst.

“Being five hours away, it did set in that like ‘Oh my mom left and I’m, like, by myself now,’” said incoming freshman Laura Beres, from Mukwonago, WI.  “And my roommate Angela is so cool, and it’s just a nice experience, moving in, and everyone is so nice here.  I loved it.”

The fall semester begins next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day.


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