An Outpouring of Northland Support for the Victims of Harvey

DULUTH, Minn. —

We are continuing to cover the outpouring of support here in the Northland for victims of Hurricane Harvey down in Texas and the Gulf Coast.

At the parking lot at Denfeld High School earlier this morning, donations of clothes, bottled water, and household supplies, were all being loaded into a moving van.

A grassroots, volunteer effort led by local businessman Mike Letica, attracted people from all over the area.

The donations and volunteer help kept pouring in all morning long.

Among them was Carolyn Tollefson and her family from Woodbury, MN.

Tollefson says her mother in law, who lives in Duluth, is house-bound but really wanted to help; so she loaded up their car and went to lend a hand.

“We brought down a bag of clothes from my mother in law, and it’s just fun to help out and see all that’s going on here,” Tollefson said.

A group of eight people left Duluth today to distribute the supplies down in Texas.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall a week ago and is already being considered one of the worst natural disasters in American history.

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