Duluth Superior Pride Celebrated at Bayfront Park

Annual Festival Brings Northland Community Together

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Superior Pride Festival is celebrating its 31st year in the Twin Ports.

The annual pride festival brings people together from across the Northland to have fun and feel accepted for who they are.

“Pride. Smile. Respect queer people and trans people. And everybody.”

Thousands celebrated inclusiveness and community spirit in Duluth’s Bayfront Park.

“It’s not just GLBT community and non GLBT,” says Nathan Westerberg, Co-Chair of Duluth Superior Pride. “It’s one community all together and we’re really meant to be here to support one another, so why not try to celebrate that?”

Live music and entertainment helped everyone in attendance feel a sense of pride.

“We don’t often have the opportunity to get everyone together all in one place for a really big weekend and a really big celebration of who we are and what we stand for which is really fun,” says Zack Henderson, who attended the event.

Even the performers were impressed with the festival’s positive atmosphere.

“People are excited, people are ready to dance,” says Jo Kellen from the band The Florists, who performed at the festival. “I think sometimes in the Midwest if you’re a rock band, some folks like to watch with crossed arms, but I think people will be hip shaking today.”

Hip shaking to show support for their LGBT neighbors.

“Duluth Superior pride was the defining moment where I truly felt that being part of the gay community did not define me. I was actually just another individual part of a much larger community,” says Westerberg.

It’s a community right here in the Twin Ports.

“The cities does have a pride festival but not everyone can make it down there so it’s kind of nice that there’s one here too that people in Duluth can make, even people from the Iron Range can make it up here too,” says Jenna Hager, who attended the festival.

It’s a Bayfront celebration that lets people know it’s always okay to be yourself.

“I think that’s a good example that we’ve got really good community values, we look out for one another, we support one another,” says Henderson. “This is just another great way to do that that’s really fun to see people doing.”

Pride weekend continues on Sunday with a parade through Superior and a closing drag show at the Main Club.

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