Pride Parade Marches Through Superior

31st Annual Pride Weekend Is the Final Celebration for the Main Club

SUPERIOR, Wis. The annual Duluth Superior Pride Parade marched down Tower Avenue celebrating the diversity of the Twin Ports Community.

Hundreds lined the street waving flags and showing their support.

“The families, the allies, the queer folk, everyone just kind of comes out and shows hey we’re with the community,” said Pup Winter of the North Shore Kennel Club.

Groups and organizations marched in solidarity with the LGBT community.

“We’re not just here to skate in the parade, but show that we’re one more piece of this broader community that’s willing to accept and create a safe space for everybody,” said Dana Johnson of the North Star Roller Derby.

The parade made its way past the Main Club, the Twin Ports first openly gay bar, that will soon close after thirty four years in business.

“A building is basically bricks and mortar, but for a lot of people in our community, it’s their home because it’s the place where they felt welcomed, they had their own family, their extended family, and a place where they could be comfortable,” said Main Club owner Bob Jansen.

Jansen says a lot has changed over the thirty one years of Duluth Superior Pride.

“The goal was to get a proclamation from the mayor saying that we existed in our towns and Gary Doty I remember saying ‘I can’t proclaim because I have to keep up the morals of this city,'” said Jansen. “Well that’s changed now and if you look at our pride guide, both the mayor of Duluth and Superior have done proclamations acknowledging the fact that we’re part of the community.”

One thing that hasn’t changed about the festival is that everyone still has the chance to show off their individuality.

“Walking in the pride parade for me does that,” said Pup Winter. “It shows hey, this is who I am to dozens of people, hundreds of people.”

It lets them do that however they see fit.

“Not only is it acceptable to be who you are but it’s okay to be loud and proud about it.”

Duluth Superior Pride wrapped up Sunday night with a drag show at the Main Club that raised money for Northlanders living with HIV/AIDS.

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