Northlanders Return From Bringing Donations to Texas

"Prayers for Texas" Organization Brought Two Truckloads of Supplies Needed for Hurricane Relief

DULUTH, Minn. – A crew of Northlanders just arrived back from Texas.

Here’s a look at the thousands of dollars worth of food and other essential items trucked town to Texas all thanks to local donations here.

Volunteers from “Prayers for Texas,” a charity organized by local business leaders, just got back from the Houston area.

Organization members tell us they were overwhelmed by the support they got locally and from across the country.

“Not just the Northland but we were seeing other small communities driving down from Arkansas and Kansas and there was people coming out from everywhere just to help each other and I think that’s what it’s all about is, put everything aside, we really are an amazing country and amazing community,” said Shylo Eckstrom, a business owner and volunteer for “Prayers for Texas.”

The organization is still receiving donations. Volunteers tell us they will gauge over the coming weeks whether or not they will make another trip to Texas.

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