Northland Weather Could Be Impacted By Hurricane Irma

National Weather Service Officials Say Hurricane Could Make Our Weather Stagnant

DULUTH, Minn. – While Hurricane Irma is causing a lot of worry in the Caribbean and Florida, meteorologists with the National Weather Service in Duluth are also eyeing the storm.

They tell us turbulent weather in the Atlantic could affect us here in the Northland.

The National Weather Service in Duluth typically focus on weather in the Northland but they have been paying close attention to Irma because of the connection between our weather and the weather in the Caribbean.

As the storm intensifies and moves toward Florida, National Weather Service offices in the Midwest, like in International Falls, have been launching twice as many weather balloons as normal. The goal is to gather more information about how our incoming weather patterns will affect the hurricane and how the hurricane will impact us here in the Northland.

“Our weather could become more stagnant or stay the same because nothing will really be changing because these big storms don’t move very fast,” says Carol Christenson, a Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

While uncertainty surrounds the exact path of Hurricane Irma, there’s also uncertainty with the type of weather pattern that could sit over our region because of the storm.

The meteorologists at the Weather Service in Duluth have been answering a lot of calls from locals concerned about family members in the path of Irma.

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