St. Louis County Awarded $675,000 in Grant Money Target for Opioid Crisis

DULUTH, Minn. —

Opioid addiction has become a national crisis, and earlier this summer President Donald Trump declared the opioid epidemic a national emergency.

At a press conference earlier today, St. Louis County leaders announce a partnership across a number of agencies targeting opioid addiction and its treatment.

According to local health officials, St. Louis County had the highest opioid death rate in the state of Minnesota.

Those involved in fighting the opioid crisis say it takes a community working together to combat this issue.

“One entity or one group alone won’t do it,” said Greg Anderson, the Social Service Supervisor for St. Louis County Health and Human Services.  “We need different perspectives in relation to different services within the community.”

At the end of 2016, the federal government passed a bill that would allocate nearly $2 billion for the treatment of opioid addiction.

St. Louis County received $675,000 dollars from that grant to provide those services locally, Anderson said.

“We just can’t do it through treatment, Anderson said, adding that the misuse of prescription drugs is a huge contributing factor to the spike in abuse of heroin and other opiates.  “We can’t do it through the judicial or law enforcement and the court system.  We need to work together as a community with a collaboration between many different agencies and groups.”

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