Family From Hermantown Moves To Florida, Faces Hurricane Irma

DULUTH, Minn. – We’re learning about Northlanders who are riding out the storm in Florida, including the Pfingsten family of Hermantown who are hunkered down in the Ft. Lauderdale area.

Gina and her husband Matt Pfingsten still own Pelican Coffee in Hermantown.

They moved to Florida only three weeks ago, along with their five children.

The family is staying in a rental right now while their home is built.

Matt tells us he feels it’s the best option to stay put because the building is only two years old and was built in an area of South Florida that has the highest building codes to fight massive hurricanes.

“To be here and be in a building of this quality is a far better move we feel like than risking of running out of gas or winding up in a building that going to crumble on your in central or northern Florida,” Matt said.

As for preparations, the family got to the stores to stock up a couple days before the massive rush.

Gina says the sight of empty shelves was something so different compared to stocking up for a blizzard in Minnesota.

“Kind of a surreal experience when, I mean, you go down an isle and literally there’s nothing on the shelves. And at that time we are six days out from the storm and there’s no water, there’s no soup — many paper products are gone,” Gino explained.

Matt is part of the Praying Pelican Missions, which partners with churches around the world to help people in need, especially during natural disasters.

So his goal is to get to work helping others after the hurricane as long as his family is safe.

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