Local Red Cross Volunteers Helping With Hurricane Relief

Red Cross Officials May Soon Move Resources to Help With Irma Recovery

DULUTH, Minn. – With Hurricane Harvey and now Irma planning her destruction, the Red Cross is finding itself a little thin with volunteers.

Volunteers from the Northland Chapter of the American Red Cross are in Texas now, but as Hurricane Irma blows through the Caribbean, more volunteers may soon be needed elsewhere.

Those fourteen local volunteers are operating shelters, and distributing food and other supplies to people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

One Superior volunteer is already on standby to go to the Virgin Islands to help with Irma relief as soon as it’s safe to travel there.

Meanwhile, Red Cross chapters across the country, including in Duluth, are ready to move resources from Texas to wherever Irma strikes.

“It will require less and less manpower as such, more and more local volunteers will be able to step into those roles, but to rapidly ramp up a response as big as there will need to be for Hurricane Irma, it definitely puts a tax on the system,” says Dan Williams, Executive Director of the American Red Cross in Northern Minnesota.

Red Cross officials tell us all the trucks from Minnesota and Wisconsin are being used in Texas right now but many of them could be moved by the end of the week.

To donate to Red Cross efforts, click here. To learn how you can volunteer, click here.

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