Letica Looks for More Donations, Leaves Sunday for Texas

Northlander's Donated Thousands of Items Just Days Ago, Now Letica and Volunteers Travel to Texas a Second Time

DULUTH, Minn. – After Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Duluth Entrepreneur Mike Letica organized a drive, gathered a group of volunteers and drove south with a truckload of 45,000 pounds of donations for storm victims.

Letica and his group are doing it again, Saturday and Sunday.

“How much more can people take,” said Letica.

It’s a question he may never have an answer to. Millions, dealing daily with life or death situations.

“People aren’t used to dealing with this stuff. There’s a huge need for fans, gloves, cleaning supplies and masks,” said Letica.

Texans continue cleaning up after Harvey swept away life and belongings for so many.

“It’s desperate down there,” said Letica. “The supplies that we brought them last week, they’re pretty much running out of those.

It’s why he’s organizing another drive and heading south Sunday.

“I took people from down there and we just went shopping, that’s what they need is supplies from nearby stores,” said Letica. “I told them, get what you need,
load up the carts and we’ll pay for it at the end of it.”

This go-around, he’s hoping to bring more monetary donations.

“The more cash I can take down there then I’ll just take the locals shopping.”

“It was the right thing to do, it was a good thing,” said Kenny Johnson, Owner of Bear’s Heavy Duty in West Duluth.

Johnson donated a Penske cargo van. He and his team are a local retailer for the national chain.

“It’s something we can do from Northern Minnesota to help the people that are devastated,” said Johnson.

When Letica and volunteers arrived for the first time, locals were beyond grateful to receive supplies, conversation and a simply greeting card.

“A younger gentleman in his thirties, he just started crying. His wife is battling cancer, and he had just lost his home,” said Letica.

Tears, when people haven’t a clue where to turn next.

“When they’re all telling us it’s the first people they’ve saw that didn’t have the same situation as them, that’s why I feel like I need to go down again, I want to see those people,” said Letica.

A donation drive will take place from 1-7:00 p.m. Saturday in the Denfeld parking lot in Duluth.

On Sunday, Letica will head to the Iron Range, collecting supplies and monetary donations at the Miners Memorial Building in Virginia from 10-2 p.m.

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