Former Duluthian Prepares For Irma

DULUTH, Minn. – Nichole Phillips, a Duluthian who now lives in Clearwater, Florida, is bracing for the worst as Hurricane Irma moves through the state.

She experienced the mega ‘Halloween Blizzard of 91’ in the Northland but she says nothing like Irma.

“I can deal with snow. Snow you can shovel away. Water you can’t run from. Wind is picking up. If it gets strong enough, I’ve seen it – videos — picking up cars and tossing cars over and people trying to stand in it. That’s a little bit scarier to me than a blizzard,” Phillips explained to FOX 21 during a Facebook Messenger video interview from her apartment.

Phillips lives only one block away from the Gulf waters on the second of an apartment building.

She’s in a mandatory evacuation area and said she couldn’t leave because her job needed her to stay back.

But Nichole believed Sunday she’ll be safe – just hugely inconvenienced when the water rises and she can’t get out.

“To my mom and my aunts and my grandma, I love you all. I am safe. We’re OK. And everybody just keep your prayers for the rest of us here because this is going to be a wild ride,” Phillips said.

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