American Society of Civil Engineers Duluth Section celebrates 100th anniversary

The ASCE also named the Aerial Lift Bridge a civil engineering historical landmark

DULUTH, Minn. – The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Duluth Section celebrated its 100th anniversary on Monday.  The ASCE celebrated by dedicating the Aerial Lift bridge as a national historic civil engineering landmark, and recognized all the important work civil engineers do behind the scenes.

ASCE president-elect Kristina Swallow said, “From the moment we get up and stumble into the bathrooms to splash water on our faces, to the time we go back to bed in the evenings, we’ve gone to work, we’ve drove on the roads that we built. The products that we buy and use eveytday have been brought in on the roads and on the rails. When we go and visit family in the airports – everything we do as normal people is impacted by civil engineers.”

The ASCE also honored its oldest member, 103 year–old Robert J. Rhodes, who is still an active member of the group.

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