Duluth Woman’s Club Receives Historical Designation

Northland Uncovered: Duluth Heritage Preservation Landmark

DULUTH, Minn. – In Duluth, historical buildings fill the town and old mansions line the streets, giving beautiful views for visitors to enjoy.

One Duluth home is now recognized as a Duluth Heritage Preservation Landmark.

The women of the Duluth Woman’s Club are continuing a tradition.

“We all feel like it’s a very special place and it’s home,” explained Ellie Dryer, President of the Duluth Woman’s Club.

The Duluth Woman’s Club is an organization with a mission to be educational, cultural and civic-minded.

The club moved into the home at 2400 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55812 in 1936.

Alexander and Catherine Hartman built the home in 1910.

It was designed by architect Frederick Perkins.

“Now, Mr. Hartman was the founder of Edison Electric, and that was the precursor of Minnesota Power,” said Dryer.

The club paid $18,000 for the home which is about $440,000 in today’s world.

“We still have the solid mahogany paneling, we have the aquamarine marble fireplace, it’s just a very beautiful area,” said Dryer.

The process is getting the designation of a Duluth Heritage Preservation Landmark.

The process started in May with hearings by the Historic Preservation Committee, The Planning Commission and two readings by the Duluth City Council.

The next step is to write a preservation plan for the English Tudor Revival.

“We want to make sure the bricks don’t get painted, probably have the entrance portico remain the same, no destruction of the exterior terrace, it’s mostly those kinds of things,” said Dryer.

Head to www.duluthwomansclub.com to learn more about becoming a member.

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