Over $600,000 Coming to Northland to Fight Opioid Addiction

One Area of Concern is Over-Prescription of Opiates

DULUTH, Minn.-Minnesota is getting $6 million in funding to help battle opioid addiction.

About 10 percent of that money will be going to St. Louis County. FOX 21 spoke with Senator Amy Klobuchar, Monday, about the addiction issues Minnesota faces.

She said there has been a rapid rise in overdose deaths over the last few years, and she believes some of the money going out to Minnesota could help stop that.

One step she wants to take is stopping the over-prescription of opiates.

“The work that needs to be done is, first of all, change our culture so doctors stop prescribing them unless very necessary, to look for other painkillers – medical devices, other things, that can be used that are not addictive,” Klobuchar said.

Local leaders in St. Louis County will decide how to use the funds here.


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