New Time Capsule Being Created in Virginia

50 Year Capsule Will Be Placed on New Highway 53 Bridge

VIRGINIA, Minn. – Last year, the City of Virginia opened a fifty-year time capsule, giving their residents a look inside the past. Now, a new time capsule is being created.

The capsule will be built into the pedestrian plaza on the new Highway 53 bridge. It will be sealed on September 29th.

Officials are now looking for materials to include including letters to family members, reviews of current events, and future predictions.

“Like most people or communities do with their time capsule, they want to really carve out a piece of history so people recall and remember and be able to reflect on what happened fifty years before,” said Virginia Mayor Larry Cuffe.

“People fifty years from today, the citizens, the residents, the business owners, the people who travel, they want to know what was it like back in 2017 and they’ll be able to look at some historical markers and say look what this was, look what that was.”

The new time capsule will be opened in September 2067.

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