EPA Rule Tough for Wood Stove Manufacturers

Business Leaders Held Roundtable Discussion About Regulation with Congressman Nolan

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – Wood stove manufacturers are struggling to comply with a new EPA requirement.

The rule was put in place to reduce particles in the atmosphere, but business leaders say it’s nearly impossible for them to make needed changes to their products fast enough.

Manufacturers and retailers from across Minnesota talked with U.S. Representative Rick Nolan (DFL-MN). They discussed pushing back the EPA regulation that’s supposed to go into effect in 2020.

“We’re a small family owned company. We’ve been there since the early seventies. We’d be going strong except for this rule and it’s tough on a small company,” said Ron Prince, Production Manager of Yukon Furnace.

Congressman Nolan has sponsored legislation to delay the requirement until 2023 to give businesses more time to comply.

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