Celebrating the New Addition to Duluth’s Port Terminal

DULUTH, Minn. —

Duluth’s port is one of the largest and most important in the country.

And with a new addition, the port has become even more robust and efficient.

A ribbon cutting ceremony out at Duluth’s port terminal celebrates that new addition, which was unveiled on March 28, earlier this year.

The intermodal terminal is a facility that makes it possible to transfer containers between rail cars and trucks.

A partnership with Canadian National Railway and Duluth Cargo Connect allows for better transport of exports and imports across the continent.

At its heart, the terminal aims to greatly increase the flow of traffic through the port of Duluth, something the folks here say is vital to the nation’s economy.

“It’s the grain.  It’s the forestry products.  It’s the iron ore and minerals that come out of our range,” explains US Representative Rick Nolan.  “This port is central to the flow of all that commerce – our national economy, our national security.  It’s a big deal!”

Nolan says Duluth’s port is responsible for about 12,000 jobs in the region.

Vanta Coda, the executive director of Duluth Seaway Port Authority says the partnership with Canadian National is essential to this facility’s success.

“If you think of broadband for rural communities, that’s what this is,” Coda said.  “Right away we have plugged into the ubiquitous container service that really transports most of the products that you and I use on a daily basis.”

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