Local Law Enforcement Cracking Down on Red Light Runners

Local Authorities Start Toward Zero Deaths Campaign

DULUTH, Minn.-Have you ever run a red light?

Well, the next time you do it, you have a good chance of getting caught as local authorities are targeting those who do it in there Toward Zero Deaths campaign.

Organizers say the goal of the campaign is not to issue tickets, but to raise awareness about paying more attention to traffic lights.

“This is not about generating revenue, to ticket our way out of this problem,” said Ryan Morris, a sergeant with Duluth Police Department. “We’re looking to make this an awareness program, to get people; pleading with people; to pay attention.”

Statistics show the most serious traffic accidents in the Northland happen when drivers run a red light.

St. Louis County did recently try to help curb the problem by installing blue lights to signal posts throughout the city. They turn blue when the light turns red, which helps law enforcement from far away, determine if a motorist ran a red light.

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