Vision Jet Becomes Reality for Duluth Based Cirrus Aircraft

New Vision Jet by Cirrus Aircraft Proves to be Popular with Consumers

DULUTH, Minn. – A Duluth aircraft manufacturer, founded back in 1984, is now skyrocketing to new heights in the Northland.

Cirrus Aircraft recently unveiled the company’s latest product and company officials say demand is already taking off.

“There’s not a better place to be than up above the clouds,” said Matt Bergwall, Director of Cirrus’ new Vision Jet.

Northlanders woke up to a blanket of clouds to start their Wednesday, but 12,000 feet above was sunshine for miles.

“When you get up in the air the visibility out the windows is just fantastic,” said Bergwall.

For over 33 years, Cirrus Aircraft has worked to produce quality products with safety, innovation and comfort in mind.

“2017 has been an excellent year for Cirrus,” said Bergwall. “The customers like the simplicity, the ease of use with our new product.”

Now, the Duluth based company is taking off, reaching new heights with the Vision Jet.

“This is the world’s first single engine personal jet,” said Bergwall.

Bergwall says the aircraft is one-of-a-kind, aimed at serving the average non-professional pilot.

“We plan on delivering over 30 Vision Jet airplanes this year to customers,” said Bergwall.

Company officials tell FOX 21, 11 new customers have hopped on board since the launching of the Vision Jet, writing check for nearly $2 million dollars to make those purchases.

“The team who actually helped design this aircraft, a lot of them are pilots themselves,” said Bergwall.

Bergwall credits his company’s employees for crafting such state-of-the-art products. With production soaring high, creating new jobs is now front and center for the company.

“There are a lot of job opportunities here in Duluth and the surrounding areas as we ramp up our production for the Vision Jet,” said Bergwall.

The aircraft showcases advanced technology, seats five adults, two children and happens to be one of the lightest planes around weighing in at 6,000 pounds.

“It gets you there a little bit faster than our current SR-22 airplanes,” said Bergwall. “When a pilot transitions from an SR22T to a Vision Jet, they actually feel quite at home in the airplane.”

Within the next three years, Cirrus predicts it will deliver more than 100 Vision Jets across the world.

The company is looking for new people to fill job openings.

Click here if you’re interested in applying or to learn more.

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