Mayor Larson Meets With Morgan Park Residents

Talking About Sales Tax Increase


Duluth Mayor Emily Larson is continuing her speaking sessions across town focusing on her proposed 0.5 percent sales tax increase for 2018 to specifically fix roads and the infrastructure below.

Mayor Larson projects $7 million would come out of this 0.5 percent sales tax increase if voters approve it in November and if the legislature gives the final ok.

As she has in the past, Larson stressed the city’s streets are nowhere near where they should be compared to other cities. For example, Mayor Larson says cities usually like to see 75 percent of streets in working order Duluth sits around 45 percent.

Mayor Larson says this dedicated new revenue source for streets is so important because as of right now, streets are being paid for from the general fund which is taking away from city departments in the form of proposed cuts in 2018.

“The other options we have are to raise people’s taxes 30 to 40 percent or to make some more difficult cuts than we’ve made already and proposed in this year’s budget. Those are our options,” Larson said.

One resident who worked for the city for 31 years spoke out saying, “The streets right now are a disaster. I don’t know without what they’ve planned with this sales tax how they’ll ever find the money to do really any kind of substantial repairs.”

Mayor Larson’s next public listening session will be October 16 at the Lester Park Community Center.

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