UMD Chancellor Addresses Budget Concerns

The university is working to reduce the budget deficit over the next few years

DULUTH, Minn. – University of Minnesota Duluth’s budget deficit will continue this year. But some good news is on the horizon. The deficit is projected be down from the $4 million dollars last year around $3.2 million this fiscal year. According to the administration, the budget troubles are due to legacy costs as well as recent years of declining student enrollment. The administration is taking a long–game approach

and wants to avoid doing too much in a short period of time.

“To do that would have a devastating impact on our students, our academic programs as well as our faculty and staff,” UMD Chancellor Lendley Black said. “So, instead, we will have a multi-year plan to resolve this deficit. It will be a strategic plan to resolve the deficit that will be very carefully thought through.”

Student enrollment at the university has increased this year, which officials say should also help to reduce that deficit.

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