Mechanics: Winterize Now Before Panic Time

DULUTH, Minn. — Now that summer is in the past, it’s  time to skip fall and think about winter, at least for your car’s sake. The crew over at ALLSTAR Service in Duluth recommend getting your cars checked over now, to make sure they don’t cause you headaches when the cold blast moves in.

“Tires, belts, and cooling system. Those would be the definite ones at the top of the list,” ALLSTAR’s Gavin Aker said. “You want to make sure you’ve got plenty good tread depth all the way across the faces of the tires to make sure you’re going to be able to get around on the ice and snow that’s coming.”

Aker also reccomends drivers carry an emergency kit for your car, with blankets, flashlights, and portable battery charging units.

Drivers will also be looking to install remote car starters to help warm their cars up before venturing into the cold. Experts say now is the time to get those installed to beat the winter rush.

“Certainly now is a good time to be thinking about doing that,” D.A.D.S Electronic’s Jay Brink said. “Because we’re only going to be scheduled out three or four days in advance, whereas as you get into October or November or December, that can easily be two weeks and beyond.”

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