Duluth Second Graders Receive Book Donation

Animal Allies Humane Society is Gifting "Ms. April & Ms. Mae: A Fable" to All Duluth Second Grade Classrooms

DULUTH, Minn. – It was a Friday morning full of fun for the entire second grade class at Piedmont Elementary School in Duluth.
Students received a gift from Animal Allies Humane Society

At the shelter, part of their everyday mission is to help kids grow into being the most compassionate and empathetic people they can be.

A recent book donation by children’s book publishing company Griffin Press helped the shelter become one step closer to achieving this goal.

Animal Allies is now working to make the rounds, giving every second grade class in Duluth the book “Ms. April and Ms. Mae: A Fable.”

“We don’t touch wild animals because they might have rabies or something or the mom might come back and they might be scared,” said 2nd grader Eli.

Education animals Lucy and Isie helped teach the students about everyday safety when it comes to petting and handling animals at home.

The book these students received is about helping wildlife.

In the fable, a woman takes on a mission to make sure the wildlife in her neighborhood have a safe place to live for their entire life.

“It’s hard enough to be wildlife in the world right now, so the more people who know what to do to help, the better,” said Shawna Weaver, Humane

Education Manager at Animal Allies Humane Society. “It feels great for us to know we’ve done something that will stay with these kids as they grow older and become people who can be empowered to do something on their own.”

Animal Allies education programs are free for schools to take part in, however, monetary donations, food and toys are immensely appreciated.

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