Major Improvements to Chester Creek About to Begin

DULUTH, Minn. —

Chester Creek in Duluth is about to get a facelift, thanks to a generous grant to the South St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District.

After suffering some major damage from the flood in 2012, Chester Creek is ready for an upgrade.

In less than a week, city crews will work to restore and re-stabilize the creek, which was ravaged by the flood.

Chester Creek is a designated trout stream and it’s one of only thirteen in the city of Duluth.

Part of this project will remove the dams and restore the creek channel allowing the trout habitat to take shape.

Crews will also build a new pedestrian bridge over the creek.

“It will help with future flooding; the dams won’t be there to block debris,” said Conservation Specialist Kate Kubiak from the conservation district.  “It will allow for trout and other cold water organisms to live in the creek.  It will be a huge improvement for the creek.”

Chester is one of Duluth’s most popular parks.

In the summer, Chester Bowl might see 70 to 80 kids a day at summer camps.

Sam Luoma, Chester Bowl’s Programming and Operations Manager, says these improvements will only make those programs better, since it will certainly improve conditions in front of the chalet.

“To have a usable space immediately in front of it – that will be a huge improvement,” Luoma said.  “Because right now we have a hard time having the kids play there because there’s just so much glass and who knows what else in that rock pile.”

The material from the dams will be saved and stored at a location outside the park.

Crews are expected to start working on this project October 2nd.

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