Belknap Getting Ready To Fully Open At Corner Of Tower

Other End Still Deals With Construction


Work on the multi–million dollar Belknap St. reconstruction project in Superior has been a long standing headache for some local business owners. There is light at the end of the tunnel for at least half of those businesses. At this point in time of construction Belknap St. is days away from completion on the corner of Tower and Belknap, while the other end near UWS  deals with full on construction. For some businesses along Belknap St. dealing with the construction has been stressful.

“It’s brought the business down quite a bit. We’ve had less customers walking in the store which means less sales. Less sales means less room on the floor to get more merchandise in to get more people coming with donations,” Jasen Elcombe, Captain, Superior Salvation Army.

Some have relied on loyal customers to keep their doors open.

“We really did have an outpouring of a large amount of loyal customers that made the special effort to come and support us during the construction.” Cara James, Owner of Earth Exchange on Belknap.

At the intersection of Belknap and Tower, one of the most important intersections in Superior, cones and barricades will soon be a thing of the past.

“The construction looks great. They did a great job on the road and were excited to see the ability for people to come in the store a lot easier,” Elcombe said.

Store owners on that end are banding together this weekend to give back to the consumers.

“We have other businesses as well that are partnering with that. So that we can have sales all along the block just kind of celebrating that and of construction,” Elcombe said.

While they celebrate the struggle on the other end of Belknap continues.

“There’s a couple of times when we didn’t have an entry way or a side entrance and that was really hard, we hardly had anyone in here at all,” said Mary Lynne Leadstrom, Server at Julie’s Family Restaurant

With newly leveled pavement, signs of completion are near.

“Yesterday when they were pouring it, it was almost a relief. We were like thank you; finally it’s going to be done soon. It’s going to look so nice; we’re going to get people in here again,” said Leadstrom.

When construction is complete, it’s a win for everyone.

“Were really excited for the city of Superior. To be giving us beautiful new streets and updating everything, it’s good for everybody in the community. Not only just us but everybody else,” said James.

Businesses joining the sale this weekend inlcude…

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