Holiday Decor Hits Store Shelves

Staff at Hermantown Menards Say it Takes Nearly Three Weeks to Set Up Holiday Displays

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – Signs of the holiday season are quickly decking the isles of local Menards stores around the Northland.

Staff at Hermantown Menards are in the first week of setting up displays.

General Manager Tom Hanson says once patio furniture sales start to dwindle, they know it’s time to start getting shipments of holiday themed decor on the shelves.

It takes employees roughly three weeks to set all merchandise up.

“Christmas is a big part of our hardware department. We do a great job setting it. We have hundreds and hundreds of pieces of merchandise for our guests to buy,” said Hanson.

The stores manager says over the next few weeks, more and more decorations will be set out on the floor, from lights to trees and everything in between.

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