Duluth Police Adapt to Active Shooter Situations

Duluth Police say they’ve already started looking at their policies to adapt and better prepare for an attack like the shooting in Las Vegas should it happen locally.

Officers say the public should be using caution, and situational awareness to prepare for the worst.

“If was there what should I do? Run, hide? Each one is so different,” said Lt. Robert Shene. “Take a few minutes beforehand see where there are exits, where can I go if this happens.”

Duluth Police say they’re already working on creating new crowd management plans, they say this event will be on their minds when planning for big events in Duluth.

“After each incident, it changes the way we do things,” said Lt. Shene. “It changes the things we look at. We have considered threats from a high-rise, although there’s not that many high-rises in Duluth, there are taller buildings.”

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