Duluthians Share First Hand Experience During Vegas Shooting

LAS VEGAS, NV- FOX 21 sat down with two Duluthians via Facebook messenger earlier this afternoon, who described first hand the horrible events from last night’s attack. 28-year-old Briana Hess and 32-year-old Jolene Luczak share their story.

“It started again, da da da da da da da and Jason Aldean, he kind of hesitated and then he turned around and booked it,” said Jolene Luczak, an eyewitness from Duluth.

The gun fire, sending thousands into a frantic state.

“Nobody knew what was going on,” Luczak said.

“I just grabbed one of the girls and I said run and I just screamed and we all ran,” Brianna Hess, an eyewitness from Duluth.

A scene only those that were attending the country concert can describe.

“I didn’t know if people were ducking, or tripping, or being hit,” Luczak said.

The two friends from Duluth losing each other moments after the gunshots started, having to rely on instincts to get as far away as possible from the chaos.

“I was zig-zagging through I think it was a hotel parking lot. I ran into the street and stopped a car and said I need to get in I need to get out of here,” Hess said.

Running from the scene, they called family members thousands miles away in Duluth that were sleeping, unaware of the situation.

“I was talking to my sister and she was literally like “Oh my god are those gunshots?” And I was just hysterical, yes they’re gunshots,” Luczak said.

“I called my dad and I left a terrifying voicemail. Telling them how much I loved them, that I didn’t know what was happening. There was a shooting and I had to go,” Luczak said.

Both the girls happy to be alive but don’t know how long this new sense of paranoia will last.

“I’m afraid it might. I don’t know every little noise I hear I’m like Oh my god,” Luczak said.

“Even like turning the corners is like a really uncomfortable feeling,” Hess said.

Both women have moved their flights up, cutting their trip short.

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