Earth Rider Starts Brewing Beer


Superior’s newest brewery is finally brewing its first batches of beer.

After two years of planning, Earth Rider Brewery is finally in motion.

Crushed, malted barley is being added to hot water.

An agitator stirs it around and the starches are converted to sugar, which will activate the yeast to start the fermentation process.

Lead brewer Allyson Rolph, formerly of Thirsty Pagan, says she’s excited to finally get started with the first step in the actual brewing of the beer.

“It’s really nice to start putting all those steps and things that we’ve been ordering into actual use and getting to see how everything works together,” Rolph said.

She adds that each beer has its own recipe, and the malt that is added to the mash is different depending on the unique style of beer.

“You would take your base malt, which is just the sugar – the white sugar of a brew,” Rolph explains.  “It does give some flavor contributions.  But then you start adding in all the specialty grains.  That’s kind of like when you’re cooking – that’s your spices, the things that really bring out all the flavors.”

Earth rider founder Tim Nelson says everything is going according to schedule.

The fermentation will take about two weeks, and the beer is scheduled for filtration on October 9.

The brewery is a collaboration of folks coming over from other breweries around the Twin Ports, including Fitger’s Brewhouse, Thirsty Pagan, and Bent Paddle.

“Just a big group of beer professionals,” Nelson said.  People who have been in the industry a long time have rallied to make this possible.”

Nelson and his brother Brad were among the partners that co-founded the Fitger’s Brewhouse in Duluth.

Now years later, he’s still very much involved with the brewing scene in the area.

“Craft beer is defined as being local, independent, using traditional techniques,” Nelson said.  “We intend to fully execute that honorable position of being Superior and the Twin Ports local brewer.”

The first kegs will arrive at the Nelson-owned Cedar Lounge in mid-October.  Canning won’t happen until a few months after that.

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